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From time to time there will be issues of major importance to the laboratory community. That information will be posted immediately as "Breaking News." Please watch this site for more information. Meanwhile please check out our other links. The seminars links are a great place to spend some time. ASCLS-WA also has a variety of interesting information under the ASCLS-WA tab.

Upcoming Seminars

2017 Northwest Medical Laboratory Symposium

October 18 - 21, 2017
Lynnwood Convention Center
Lynnwood, WA


The best place to find current news that affects the laboratory community is at the ASCLS website. Available on that website is not only information for members, but a host of other information such as position papers. Check out the ASCLS Website

You can also see current Government News on the ASLCS website:
ASCLS Government Action Center

Government News

Government Affairs Issues

1. Protecting Access to Medicare Act: PAMA activities relate to the fee schedule.
2. Laboratory Developed Tests: LDTs legislation has been proposed.
3. Workforce Shortage: A study has been requested.

More information including "leave behinds", which are documents given to the senators and representatives, are available on the ASCLS website in the Advocacy section

An excellent resource on the Government Affairs Committee and the issues discussed are available on the ASCLS MN website